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What We Do

Full Circle is an SDA Homeschool Co-op portal that allows SDA families from all of the globe to connect locally and virtually! Find support and resources for the entire family! Strong families, strong students.

Join us on the app to easily stay updated and manage everything in one location. Notifications are sent directly to your mobile device!


SDA Family Connections

FULL Circle provides a platform where SDA homeschool families can connect. As SDA homeschool families, we tend to be scattered far and few in between and other times, we don't realize that there are others right next to us that we can connect with locally! Even if you are unable to connect locally there is a virtual component/community that your family can always connect with!

FULL Circle will host events that all families are welcomed to be a part of. If you have an event that you would like to host, please provide us with the details  @


FULL Circle provides support to families as will as information that will help you in your homeschool journey. From curriculums to courses to online resources. 

Online or Virtual Courses

FULL Circle is in line with True Education as explained in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Courses are offered in line with these principles in an environment with those of like mind and faith. Courses are offered by True Education Educators as well as Parent Facilitators. High School students will also have the opportunity to facilitate courses. Join the Circle here.

Local Co-op Establishment Assistance

We believe in community which includes physical interaction between families. FULL Circle allows a platform for families to find one another and develop a local connection.

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