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About FULL Circle SDA Homeschool Co-op

In my experience as a SDA homeschool mother of three children (one of whom has special needs), it has been difficult to find both opportunities for socialization and interaction with families of like faith, as well as resources and support centralized in one location. Since Matthew 11:30 tells us that God's yoke is light and that his burden is easy, I knew that this was not God's will. Six years ago, God gave me the vision to start FULL Circle, but the name was only a concept. My understanding of God's purpose for this did not yet fully come to me. After all this time, God hadn't given me the full vision and told me to GO until recently! It was my duty to obey. 

My goal is not to have all the answers, but to build a community does.​

FULL  is the acronym for Families United Leaning on the Lord. FULL Circle SDA Homeschool Co-op is driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and vast SDA community of passionate homeschooling families, educators and lifelong learners. We are a growing Educational Resource Platform focused on improving our collection of faith and education-based content, enhancing the homeschooling experience for us all. We pride ourselves on being a great resource and offering the opportunity for users to engage with a variety of topics in an interesting and safe online environment.

FULL Circle (FC) provides families with innovative approaches to teaching and learning, providing SDA communities with different educational options for students within the homeschool environment.  Co-Op is short for Cooperative Education which is a structured method of combining classroom or academic-based education with a social and practical experience.This platform allows SDA parents and educators to share their talents with other families by facilitating learning as leaders/coaches, for the enrichment of our children and the enhancement of their homeschool learning experience.

FULL Circle is a homeschool co-op that abides by the principles and standards of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. We are self supporting and funded by the participating families, churches, and the generous donations of those who support the mission of FULL Circle.

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Baking Cookings
Ecology Gardening Tour
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In the Classroom
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