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Bible Class

Ages 13 - 17

  • Duration Varies
  • 10 US dollars
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Service Description

The law of God was often to be repeated to Israel. That its precepts might not be forgotten, it was to be kept before the people, and was ever to be exalted and honored. Parents were to read the law to their children, teaching it to them line upon line, precept upon precept. And on public occasions the law was to be read in the hearing of all the people. {RH December 31, 1903. par. 2} Upon obedience to this law depended the prosperity of Israel. If they were obedient, it would bring them life; if disobedient, death. {RH December 31, 1903. par. 3} Course Title: Guiding Children in Obedience and Faith Course Overview: This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to honor God through obedience. It focuses on fostering a strong foundation of faith and moral values in children by encouraging obedience in a loving and nurturing manner. Participants will learn effective strategies, biblical principles, and practical techniques to guide them in their spiritual and moral development. Course Objectives: Understand the Importance of Obedience in Faith: Explore the biblical and theological foundations of obedience as a crucial aspect of honoring God. Teach Moral and Ethical Values: Explore methods for imparting biblical values and ethical principles to children, helping them make godly choices. Cultivate a Spiritually Nurturing Environment: Create an environment that supports children's spiritual growth, including prayer, Bible study, and worship. Encourage Self-Reflection and Responsibility: Help children develop a sense of personal responsibility and accountability for their actions in alignment with biblical teachings.

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  • Georgia, USA

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